afshan was commissioned by ​The National Black Arts Alliance, Ruskin’s Guild of St George, and Manchester Metropolitan University to respond directly to quotes from Ruskin for a project entitled Everybody Deserves Space. The film was created by students at the University.

The quote afshan responded to was:

It must be evident to us, at a moment’s thought, that the way in which works of art are on the whole most useful to the nation to which they belong, must be by their collection in public galleries, supposing those galleries properly managed. But there is one disadvantage attached necessarily to gallery exhibition—namely, the extent of mischief which may be done by one foolish curator. […] let but one foolish or careless person get possession of it, and perhaps you may have all your fine pictures repainted, and the national property destroyed, in a month. […] Look around you for pictures that you really like, and in buying which you can help some genius yet unperished—that is the best atonement you can make to the one you have neglected—and give to the living and struggling painter at once wages, and testimonial.

From ‘The Accumulation and Distribution of Art’, a lecture Ruskin delivered at Manchester Athenaeum 13th July, 1857, published in A Joy Forever

The full film for the project can be found here: