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afshan is available for writers rooms, writing commissions and projects. She is also available to run and facilitate workshops, dramaturgy and mentoring of emerging writers. She is also available to record performances of both poetry and her one person shows.

Please note that if afshan is the only woman and/or non-white person on a panel, in line with Stormzy’s advice, the fee doubles (i.e. a token tax). To avoid embarrassment and excess fees, make sure you are not tokenising afshan or asking her to solely represent entire identities. The burden of representation is very real, afshan shouldn’t have to pay for it.

afshan is not available for outreach work, or to help you build your audience (go hire an audience development officer). afshan is not your token, she won’t legitimise nor tolerate racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic and/or islamophobic art.

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